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Location and contact info

Semeny Intellectual Property Firm
Room 207, Building 16, 7 Qu, Hepingli, Dongcheng District
Beijing, China, 100013
Fax: +86 (10) 642 19 345

Email: support@semeny.com

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Nord 39° 57' 33.44"
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Partners sought

Our clients in China are facing with global IP barriers, they began to realize that filling for foreign patents maybe a chance to survive the economic crisis. We are seeking for global partners who are willing to involve in our business.

For those counterpart facing the same problem,  we are willing to be your branch in China.
E-mail to us for further discussion: semeny@semeny.com.

We are registered IP firm, could be your most convenient channel to solve your costumers problems with yourself, without considering the laws of China by your own.
Patent Search in China

Nearly all datas are in Chinese.
Considerable part of  legal status information of chinese patents are not credible.

Patent Search in English (poor translation):
SIPO website
China Patent Database
China Intellectual Property Net

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Welcome to Semeny Intellectual Property Law Firm

You can patent your inventions and protect your trademarks and designs with us. We are registered patent and trademarks attorneys of China. We are willing to answer all your questions on intellectual property.